Ideas Consortium

Welcome to IDEAS!

Welcome to the Idea Consortium, a place where people come to learn, share ideas and concepts, create, and partner with other individuals or organizations.

To know what the idea consortium is, you must first understand the meaning of each word separately. The word "idea" covers several concepts, beginning with the mental representation of an image – an object or concept.

Throughout history a number of philosophers have considered ideas to be a fundamental of being – with the capacity to both create as well as understand the meaning of ideas an essential part of being human.

The word "consortium" means an association or a society of two or more companies, governments, individuals or organizations with the objective of participating in a common activity to achieve a common goal. The Latin word consortium is derived from “consors” which means partner.

Together, these words form the Idea Consortium where you can review the philosophical foundation of the meaning of ideas under our Philosophies [LINK to page} to the latest New Ideas

Patent information, as well as a Consortium Forum. Our Knowledge Center offers great references for book, research and other areas of knowledge surrounding the concept of idea.

Community is where you will find links to other like-minded organizations focusing on ideas, while News is a feed of the latest information from the Ideas Consortium. According to the KPMG 2014 Business Pulse Survey, “68% of businesses expect profitability growth; 34% plan to do it by investing in new products and services.”